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What type of foodie are you?

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

What type of foodie are you?
What type of foodie are you?

We are all unique but the type of "foodie" we are will more than likely fall into one of these 6 categories! Do you know what type of foodie you are?

1) The do it for the gram / "DON'T TOUCH THAT YET" foodie.

This foodie gets to the restaurant. Waits for a table (because it has to have natural lighting). Sits down. Gets drinks started. Waits for the drinks. Orders an appetizer. Thinks "I don't know how much longer I'll last without food". Food arrives. But WAIT!! It's mandatory to take a picture of EVERYTHING first. Pics or it didn't happen, right?

No matter what. The #foodporn addict, just can’t give it up. Ever. Every food app, a ton of Instagram followers, DSLR (with a couple of lenses), and maybe even tumblr.

Most likely to say: "Wait, don't touch that. I haven't Instagrammed it yet."

Most likely to order: The pretty dish ordered by the table nearby

2) Fast foodie

A little bit of this foodie lives in all of us but a true Fast Foodie takes it to a whole new level!

This foodie can tell the difference between Shake Shack, In N Out, Whataburger, and Hopdoddy in a blind taste. Tacos from a taco truck are as close to nirvana as it gets (only if there is plenty of chimichurri salsa of course).

Most likely to say: "Let's go to an American restaurant"

Most likely to order: In a nice restaurant, a cheeseburger with avocado, Truffle Tremor cheese, and fries with grated parmesan and truffle oil.

3) Farmer's market foodie AKA The Organivore AKA Locavore AKA Hipster Foodie

If it's not local, it's not happening.

Saturday mornings mean an early start, going to the farmer's market, going straight to the artisan carrot/cabbage sticks, brussel sprout and kale mix with cold pressed olive oil and anything in a jar. This foodie will more than likely ask if the yogurt and whipped cream were made in-house, if it's made from goat or cow's milk, and which local farm.

This foodie also shares reminiscence of a time before the hashtag #foodporn and will favor any place with a food cart, a small window to order out of, preferably in a back alley. You'll have a hard time convincing them to go to a place that's too well known, but on the bright side, they'll fill you up with more Raspberry Lemon Cream Cheese Cupcakes than you could ever dream of.

Most likely to say: "This fish? Oh, it's nothing. I just pan-seared it in a 150°C cast iron skillet for eight minutes. You could easily do it yourself at home."

Most likely to order: Whatever's in season.

4) DIYer / Made It Myself!

Having watched every Martha Stewart episode ever, this is the friend who effortlessly whips together Consommé at the drop of the hat. They aren't "know it alls", and they do have their limits but you are used to them effusively detailing their latest creation -- "Who knew Brie and jam would be so good in a sandwich?" -- the truth is they're completely overwhelmed when they find they have over-committed themselves (once again) and now are up to their elbows in half made canapés. Solution: too many shots of espresso and jitters!

Most likely to say: "Oh, I could make this so much better at home!"

Most likely to order: Nothing since they typically suggest everyone comes over for dinner.

5) The One-Upper

"You know this pasta has nothing on the Spaghetti Aglio I ate on my last trip to Naples." This cultured foodie will more than likely only be satisfied with a wide variety of exotic or international cuisine, if not, be ready for a shame session. A safe bet is to try a good café for lunch and get sandwiches. This will remind them about the excellent baguette with real Brie that your globetrotting friend once consumed on the banks of the Seine itself.

Most likely to say: "Really? That's what you are having?"

Most likely to order: A well pronounced "Bouillabaisse".

6) The Snob

"The Tonkotsu. ramen. last. night. was. unbearable." Dessert is returned because it's not the right temperature, wine pairings lacking "nuance" are way too common, and if the meal does not begin with an abundance of Fig and Olive Tapenade, you're in for disaster. The Snob is not one for cooking so, when their favorite restaurant closes, they'll be asking you for scrambled eggs.

Most likely to say: "Why can't anyone make a good Duck Pâté en Croûte?"

Most likely to order: A dish that will get a bad yelp review.

So which sounds most like you? Do you agree?

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